Wifi Reconnect Widget 1.3 now available

I know this whole project seemed dead, but it was not! That said, this new version is not the fruit of months and months of labor, but simply the implementation of a nice feature suggested by a (most probably) nice user, Paulo. With this new version, you’ll be able to access the widget’s features directly from the notification bar, meaning that, assuming you have access to that bar from within the application you’re running, you won’t have to leave it to reach the widget on your home screen. Simply pull the notification bar, then click on the (optional) Wifi Reconnect notification, and ta-dah! The reconnection process will launch.

Please note that after updating, you might have to remove-then-add the widget from your home screen, and/or reboot your device, for the application to work correctly. This is due to the fact that I had to refactor a lot of the underlying structure, and it seems the Android OS cannot easily “hot-change” a running process/service… or maybe I just haven’t found how to do it properly. In any cases, re-adding the widget and rebooting the device should do the trick, until I can figure out a clean way to do things.

Thanks all for your patience, and I hope this new feature will please you.

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