Wifi Reconnect Widget 1.2 finally ready!

After more than two months in the making (albeit very part-time), this new version is hot and live. It includes the requests I got, either by email or by reading the comments left on the market. Here’s a quick run-down of the changes, and what it means (maybe) to you.

Faster reconnection
If the wifi is already enabled, the connection to a known wifi network will happen much faster than before. Now, I scan the networks *for real*, instead of just turning the wifi off then on again.

When you’ll add the widget on your home screen, you’ll be able to configure its the behaviour. This includes how it should notify you, if it must display the connected network name or not, and how much time it should keep trying to connect before deciding that it’s enough.

Network name label
If configured as such, the widget can display the name of the wifi network the device is connected to. This can be useful if you want to make sure you’re not connected on the wrong network by accident.

Can be launched as an application
This one may seem to make no sense, but check this: If you’re using an automatic app launcher/configuration modifier (such as Locale, Profiles Manager, etc.), you cannot ask it to tap a widget, but you can tell it to launch an application. By launching the Wifi Reconnect Widget application, you’ll have the exact same behavior as if you tapped it from your home screen. Neat, eh?

I still have a couple of ideas to could be implemented in a future version (check this), but I’ll take a little break from it right now. However, if you have any request, or any bug to report, please do so (by email, so I can ask you for details if needed, etc.). Also, I’ll be happy to accept any help to localize/translate this application in any other language than English and French.

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