Aaargh, I broke (then repaired) Wifi Reconnect Widget!

Yeah, sorry… The last update was broken. It seems it’s not easy to do reliable tests for wifi connections. Anyway, it’s now fixed and available on the Android Market, as the 1.1.1 version. Sorry for those who had the broken version (for the couple of hours it was available). However, that means the “faster reconnection” announced in that version had to be roll-backed to the 1.0 build, which is, to be honest, a little slow… I’ll be working on it shortly, but right now, the bed is calling.

As for this new version, please report any bug you may find. It will be my pleasure to fix them, so we can all enjoy a nice and mostly bug free tool. And, if you’re so inclined, I’d gladly appreciate help for localizing (translating) Wifi Reconnect Widget. There’s not much to do (about ten-or-so sentences), and I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate an experience in their own language. Thanks!

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